Seminar on Differences between Esoteric and Exoteric Buddhism

The fourth Seven-Dharma Seminar on selected dharma discourses by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III was held November 10-13 at the Holy Vajrasana Temple as part of a meditation retreat.  Zhaxi Zhuoma read preliminary translations of three discourses, while Chinese  students listened to the original discourses in Chinese. The group discussions were held together with the participants asking each other questions on the differences among the generation, completion, and transcendental stages of the Buddha-dharma and how one might respond to a given situation in each; the role of supernatural powers and manifestations in both esoteric and exoteric dharma; the levels of accomplishment possible in the various forms of Buddhism; the results of different empowerments; and other questions. Click for more information on previous seminars like this one.


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