Rainbow “Jewels” Appear

A holy state appeared at the mandala of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Colorful lights appearing like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds appeared on the grass, looking exactly like the detail shown above. This was the site of many inner-tantric initiations for rinpoches, dharma teachers, and lamas as well as many Buddha-dharma ceremonies, such as the Buddhas Bestowing Nectar Dharma Assembly and the Highest Form of Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly. A jacaranda tree that rained nectar for seven straight days in order to offer congratulations to H.H. Great Dharma King on his holy birthday is also located at this mandala. After the Highest Form of Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly, the area under the lotus tub used to bathe a statue of the Buddha grew Auspicious Grass of the Four Jewels. This was the same site where Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche received the Dharma Wheel initiation.

Beginning in late June and on several other occasions through mid-July, that same area suddenly emitted a few thousand glittering and colorful lights. These sparkling lights not only manifested a variety of different colors, they also continually changed as they glittered. Some of them were on the tips of grass, some of them were near the roots of grass, some of them were on the middle of grass, and some of them were suspended in the empty space between blades of grass. Different colors could be seen depending on the distance and angle from which one viewed that area. Moreover, each person saw different things when viewing that area from the same place. Some saw multicolored lights, some saw white lights, some saw blue lights, some saw red lights, and some saw green lights. Some even saw rainbows that quickly ascended into the heavens.

What is even more amazing is that those lights constantly changed colors. Some of those lights even suddenly disappeared, only to reappear suddenly a moment later. All of these things can be clearly seen in the video shot at that time. On one occasion a fragrant perfume was emitted from the area and the roar of Vajra Thunder could be heard in the heavens. Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche reports that although she did not see these lights the first day as she was in San Francisco and only saw a very few the next time they appeared due to her karmic hindrances, she was able to see many, many of these brilliant and holy “jewels” on subsequent occasions. What was amazing was the fact that they were indestructible “vajra jewels.” The disciples tried to hose them down with water, but they were not moved. They also tried to spray another nearby area with water to see if the sunlight would create something similar, but to no avail. These were indescribable holy blessings from another realm and not of any worldly source.

This holy scene thoroughly demonstrates that the Buddhas constantly bless this mandala with wonderful auspicious signs.


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