Western Disciple’s Mother Goes to Pure Land

One of H.H. Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu’s western disciples, Glen Pier, asked His Holiness if there was anything he could do to help his dying mother make her transition. His Holiness told him not to worry. His Holiness would personally arrange for an angel to take her to heaven or a Bodhisattva to take her to the Pure Land. His Holiness taught Glen a Dharma that would enable her to go there. Glen couldn’t believe his ears and was awe-struck that his Master would do this for someone who had not even practiced Buddhism before. Glen’s mother practiced the Dharma that her son taught her. Shortly before Glen’s mother passed on a neighbor called to tell her that she had seen heavenly beings around her house. Earlier, Glen’s sister, who is also not a Buddhist, said she had felt His Holiness Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu’s presence outside her mother’s room. The night before her passing, Glen’s sister said she “saw” His Holiness holding her mother’s hand and walking away with her. As this happened she said “I felt so much love, gentleness, and compassion from His Holiness Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu that I wanted to put my head down and cry. It was beautiful. I could hardly believe what I felt and saw.” How could it be that His Holiness would appear over 1000 miles from where he was staying to help this woman make the transition? However, it is true.


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