Temple Remodeling Almost Done

It took over a year to remodel the main temple, but it is almost complete. Last week the final coat of stucco  was sprayed on between major rainstorms and today the plumbers installed the two water fountains outside the new working bathrooms. Towel holders still need to be installed and the power connected to the water fountains and a few tiles need to be replaced in the community room and kitchen and it should be finished! Next will be the landscaping, irrigation, water tower, paving and the other infrastructure work.



  1. Zhaxi Zhuoma  March 21, 2016

    Welcome to our new interactive feature. We look forward to receiving your comments on our news stories.

    • Hey Carollan  March 22, 2016

      Once my current service project to the Dhamma is satisfied and I give this intention proper consideration, I may come to visit, should you consent!

      With appreciation,


      • Zhaxi Zhuoma  March 22, 2016

        I hope you can. Please check my schedule on this website, (I try and keep it current) to make sure we are not closed for a retreat and I am not traveling. Better yet, come to one of the retreats. We try and make them work for any sincere spiritual seeker who can keep our protocols. ZZ

    • Anthony  March 23, 2017

      My check is in the mail for chowchilla. Amitofou


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