The following is an e-mail received by the abbot of the Holy Vajrasana Temple concerning the experience of a disciple at both the recent retreat at the temple and the Kuan Yin Bodhisattva Great Compassion Empowerment ceremony held in Clovis on January 8, 2017.

“Dear Zhaxi Zhuoma,

      “Thank you for the experience of a weekend of discourses, expanding for me a greater understanding of cultivation and the true Buddha Dharma and also the five days of temple work; building the sword for Manjushri, cooking  and meditation. Then, before I stepped on to a plane to come back to Utah, the amazing Quan Yin Empowerment Ceremony.”

“I was very awake during this experience. My hearing became ever clear and I had exact instructions to do many things. One of the dharma protectors stretched out my arms and a very unique wind came upon me. It was funny because a voice started by telling me to take off my sweater. I thought I it was just me. But on the third time the voice was louder and I knew this was not my voice . I was given instructions to circle, walk, bow, to dance… with what was a very new dance, as I have danced all my life. So soft and very gentle. I was told to clear off and wipe clean the space. I was also told to pat on the head of another and walk to the first person ahead of me. Two very important and beautiful things happened. I was ask to thank my mother and father. I did in my head, then the voice said ‘say it out loud’. This was very precious as, my instructions were to say that the thanks was for all beings.”

“One thing I did not share to the public in my testimonial given after the ceremony is that I saw a wing–as if it was a big dragonfly, clear, with colors and I could see through it. It was delicate but strong.”

“I feel it is important to say that when I came home there was an incident with a travel company making plans. I did not understand correctly the flight instructions, but bought a ticket that clearly was not a good deal for my family or myself. After much negotiations, and during the negotiations this voice came and said it will work out. Three times again. I feel that this empowerment gave me a look at real patience, being in the moment and also communicating with my husband. This all on another level. I also know that the work and study with you and all at the temple was invaluable.”

“Thank you. Thank you for the work, the dedication. Thank you to the temple grounds and all beings alive at the pond and around the temple. Thank you to His Holiness for this beautiful Dharma. Life is so precious today. It passes very fast . May I appreciate each day with the glory and good fortune of all the teachings. May I stay humble and open the door to others. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you to Sonya and to Metta my new and very kind Dharma friends.”

“Amita Rebecca Hunt, in humble journey of His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III.”