After the Taipei assembly, Dorje Amang Norpu Pa Mu promised that she would authorize a holy Buddhas Bestowing Nectar Dharma Assembly and empower those in attendance as a way of verifying that the conclusions of the Taipei Assembly were correct and as a reward for having convened such a great event. The Supreme Leader of both Esoteric and Exoteric Buddhism, H.H. Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu conducted the Nectar Assembly in Los Angeles in June 2000. It was attended by six of the leading participants from the Taipei meeting and advanced disciples of His Holiness. This included Master Wu Ming, the foremost monk within Exoteric Buddhism today; Geshe Losang Zhenzhu Huo-Fo, the only surviving Great Geshe of Chinese (Han) descent; Master Long Hui, Chairwoman of the International Buddhism Sangha Association; Elder Monk Yi Zhao, successor to Elder Monk Hsu Yun and the 44th Patriarch of the Lin Chi (Rinzai) sect within Chan (Zen) Buddhism; Dharma Teacher Guang Hsin, an eminent Taiwanese monk who helped organize the Taipei Assembly; and Bodi Wentu Rinpoche, an American layman whose last lifetime was in Tibet.

Many holy states were manifested at that assembly. Other worldly beings in the form of a swarm of yellow-jackets arrived. While those present chanted various holy mantras, His Holiness requested that the Buddha of Longevity (Amitàyus) bestow the Nectar of Long Life at this Nectar Assembly for these international leaders of Buddhism. After about one-half hour, the Buddhas indeed descended red light from the sky. This dazzling light went straight into the bowl. The nectar penetrated the gold lid on the bowl. When the eminent members of the sangha took the lid off the bowl, light streamed from the bowl. Inside the bowl, fine, silver-white nectar resembling silk threads appeared. Holy nectar did manifest and after mantras were recited, transformed into a precious liquid. It was then mixed with flour to make a paste and then given to those in attendance. This proved the accuracy of the conclusions of the Taipei Assembly. Furthermore it proves that if someone in this world possesses the true Buddha-dharma, then the Buddhas will bestow nectar. The bestowing of holy nectar marks a grand occasion in the history of Buddhism during which the correct dharma of the Tathagata was exhibited. It proved the awesome power of the magnificent Shakyamuni Buddha, Master Padmasambhava and all the holy and great Bodhisattvas. It proved that the Buddha-dharma truly exists in the world today and that it is not something which is merely theoretical. That which is merely theoretical is certainly not the Buddha-dharma, rather it is only Buddhist studies. The true Buddha-dharma emphasizes real practice and skills.

His Holiness conducted two other Nectar Assemblies in Los Angeles in conjunction with these events. The second ceremony was for those monks and practitioners in seclusion. At this assembly His Holiness invoked Ratnasambhava Buddha to descend Golden Nectar. The third assembly was to pray for world peace and harmony and was for 40-50 Dharma Teachers. At that assembly, The Longevity Buddha bestowed the Nectar of Long Life and 103 colorful shariras.

Interview with Elder Monk Yi Zhao After June 2000 Buddhas Bestowing Nectar Dharma Assembly