In the fall of 2010 some of the members of the Xuanfa Institute started to dismantle a dilapidated shed and tear down the remains of a chain link fence. They also erected a yurt structure that was intended to serve as a retreat cabin. However, that was not to be. Rainbows and lights appeared and on November 8, as they were about to cut down some metal poles, one of the poles started shaking quite violently. It was most strange—like a giant tuning fork vibrating back and forth.

Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche thought this was something she should report to her Buddha Master and did, only to have Him roar with laughter and assure her that she should absolutely not cut down those poles. In the middle of all this, it became clear that the now completed yurt should not be used as a living unit, but as a special chapel for the Dharma Protectors. What the rinpoche found out later was that the Dharma Protectors had come to the Xuanfa Institute and were making their presence known through these metal poles (two more had started shaking)—they had become Holy Vajra Poles, serving as portals to another dimension, and they were evidence that this was where the vajra pill had flown to over seven years earlier. This was indeed a holy place.

Because the Dharma Protectors had arrived and the yurt was dedicated to them, the rinpoche was given a special Retreat Dharma to transmit to qualified students who came there to practice. In January of 2014 a fourth pole also started to shake for a large group of very happy pilgrims from various parts of China. A short time later, the fifth pole began to shake. Some, who come, see the poles quake, but some do not. Some even report seeing the Dharma Protectors as well as various colored lights and radiating energy around the poles. And others experience deep and blissful levels of concentration while meditating in the presence of the poles.