While on her way to see her Buddha Master in 2003, Zhaxi Zhuoma witnessed a magnificent Buddha Light—a vivid rainbow around the sun. She was able to photograph this unusual formation. Clouds formed in the shape of certain Sanskrit letters, but they are not shown in the photo here that she took near Bakersfield, California. Later that day her Buddha Master gave her an initiation that included receiving a very special red vajra pill. The pill flew from her hand in a flash of colored light to a holy place, but she was not told where this holy place was. It turned out to be the site of the Xuanfa Institute where she later moved to establish a temple and retreat center–The Holy Vajrasana Temple and Retreat Center. This initiation was also when she first saw her Buddha Master turn blue, a most auspicious sign as that is the color of Dorje Chang Buddha. However, no one knew at that time that her Buddha Master was a manifestation of this Samboghakaya Buddha.

This gigantic rainbow formed around the sun and followed the rinpoche for several hours as she went to this important initiation. You can sense the scale from the tiny parking lot lights in the lower left of the photo (Click photo to see enlargement). Some can see a red robed figure sitting on the rainbow, but some cannot.

This special vajra pill returned to Zhaxi Zhuoma after the Holy Vajra Poles started quaking and other mysterious light formations and rainbows started to appear at the site of the Xuanfa Institute. This time she held the Holy Vajra Pill in her hand and invited the Dharma Protectors to come and empower it. After practicing the dharma, the pill started to dance. The rinpoche quickly placed it in a crystal stupa where it continued to dance. Once the Holy Vajra Pill was inside the stupa, a dazzling green light flashed through the stupa. Green Tara had also empowered this special Vajra Holy Pill. This is not the only time that Green Tara has appeared to grant Her blessings.

The manifestation of Green Tara and this empowerment ceremony were shown in a video to thousands at a Dharma Assembly held in Hong Kong in 2011 and part of this video is shown above on this webpage and on the Vajra Throne page of this website. This video was widely distributed.  This was the same vajra pill that Zhaxi Zhuoma had held eight years earlier before it flew away to a holy place. Now we know where that holy place is. It is the site of the Fourth Vajra Throne and is located at what is now known as the Holy Vajrasana Temple and Retreat Center near Sanger, California. When the center is complete and the temple officially opened, many will be able to come and be empowered by this Holy Vajra Pill and practice and learn the correct dharma and go on short-term and longer retreats there. Others have already started to come as pilgrims to seek the blessings of the Holy Vajra Pill and Holy Vajra Poles and many returned later with their families so that they could also receive the blessings of this site.