Pilgrimages or journeys to holy or sacred sites are a tradition in Buddhism and many religions. Shakyamuni Buddha identified four sites most worthy of pilgrimage in India, and other countries also have shrines and places that can be visited as a pilgrimage as well. With the revelation that the fourth Vajra Throne was located at the Holy Vajrasana Temple & Retreat Center along with the Holy Vajra Pill and the Holy Vajra Poles, the temple became a place of pilgrimage. Busloads of devoted followers of the Buddha came to pay their respect, offer khartas (silk scarves), chant mantras, sit in silent meditation, make offerings, and receive empowerment. Traditionally, pilgrims offer butter or coconut oil for lamps, incense, and flowers and make water offerings to the Bodhighara (Bodhi Tree Shrine). They also circumambulate in a clockwise fashion the holy objects and sites and make monetary offerings to the temples located at the sites.

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Visitors from other realms

Humans are not the only ones who make pilgrimages to the Holy Vajrasana Temple & Retreat Center. There are also beings from other realms coming to this place.

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