Lineage Tree-Buddha Sect

The Lineage Refuge Tree for the Vajrasana Temple and the Buddha School pays homage to the four buddhas: The Adarma Buddha (who has no form, but is shown symbolically as the crescent moon and the sun ), the samboghakaya Dorje Chang Buddha, and His two true incarnations in this world: Ven Vimalakirti and H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Lion Vajra, Kalachakra Vajra, Ekajati Vajra, Vajrakilaya Vajra, Yamataka Vajra, Chakrasamvara Vajra, Hayagriva Vajra, Mahakala Vajra, Yama Vajra, and Guhyasamaja Vajra are the ten major dharmapalas (Dharma Protectors) in the lineage of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.


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Dharma Protectors are an important part of the Buddhist Pantheon of Vajrayana practice. The Sanskrit term dharmapala literally means the guardian of the dharma. The Vajrayana called upon this group of beings for the protection of its teachings and institutions, but they can also be invoked by the individual practitioner.

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