Fish normally used for bait were released in the Holy Vajrasana Temple pond.  In 2014 massive collections of earth worms were released into the garden areas around the temple. These large “night crawlers” are normally used as bait for fishing in the nearby lakes. Plans exist to add space for rescued chickens from a nearby poultry farm.

Since 2009 the Dharmadhatu Dharma Center, an affiliate of the Xuanfa Institute, has sponsored an annual Horseshoe Crab Rescue and Blessing Dharma Assembly with hundreds of Buddhists coming from all over the east coast to pray for these ancient beings and to help them return to the sea.

Abandoned kittens have already taken refuge in the temple. Shiimsa was the first to find the temple. Hua Yi and her kitten Bao Yi were the next to call the temple home. Sylvia showed up in very bad shape and pregnant. The word was out that this was a good place for home-seeking kitties. And when Sylvia’s kitten, Princess Greytail, had her own five kittens, we had a full house.