A traditional long-term retreat facility is being developed by the Holy Vajrasana Temple and Retreat Center in southern California, whereby advanced practitioners can enter a three-year/three-month/three-day retreat in isolation. Although the retreatant will be expected to cook his/her own food, basic stables and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables will be supplied so that the retreatant will not need to have any contact with the outside world while he or she is in retreat—no cell phones, no laptops, no mail, no visitors, etc. The Xuanfa Five Vidya University is developing a program so as to grant student visas for those wishing to attend from abroad.

Please contact the Abbot of the Holy Vajrasana Temple, if you are interested in attending a long-term retreat and/or either building a meditation cave or sponsoring someone else to build one. Click for more information on long-term plans for both locations of the temple.