Vimalakirti, the Licchavi (6th-5th BCE-??): The first incarnation of Dorje Chang Buddha into this world in the ancient republic of Licchavi (now Bihar State, India), known as a famous holy layman in the Mahayana sutra bearing his name. He demonstrated amazing supernormal powers and taught Shakyamuni Buddha’s disciples the Bodhisattva Path of the Mahayana and why it was superior to the Lesser Vehicle Path of the Arhat. It was also Vimalakirti, who according to prophecy, twenty-eight years after Shakyamuni Buddha left this world, aroused himself from his inner meditative absorptions and miraculously assembled on the peak of Malayagiri in Sri Lanka along with holy representives of other non-human beings to lament the loss of the Great Teacher and beseech the birth of a new teacher for the earthly world.