By Gong Buo


As early as more than 2,500 years ago, the King of Devils Mara Pipiyan told Sakyamuni Buddha that the Mara would dispatch his descendants to sneak into the rank of Buddhists during the dharma-ending era and that they would wear Buddhist cassocks, step onto the rostrum to distort and erroneously explain the Buddha’s sutras, and violate the precepts in their conduct, with the goal of damaging Buddha-dharma. Now this dharma-ending era has arrived in the world. Evil masters who give wrong discourses on Buddha-dharma are everywhere. Demonic and evil ones are also making deceptions and scamming people everywhere. Among them there are plenty of people who have high status and prominent fame.

For instance, recently a self-claimed “great virtuous one” in the Buddhist world even made these types of statements: “The concept of primordial Buddha is contrary to the basic doctrine of Buddhism;” “Only Sakyamuni Buddha is the primordial Buddha;” and “If some people claim that there is a primordial Buddha above Sakyamuni Buddha, that is equivalent to completely negating Sakyamuni’s doctrine of conditional arising and  Buddhist cosmology.” This person also said, “Living beings’ hope of attaining Buddha-hood is in Buddha-dharma, not relying on supernatural powers. ……. One should not and cannot uphold supernatural powers.” Moreover, another demonic person stated, “Whoever advocates supernatural powers belongs to cults. The fundamental contents of Buddhism do not speak of supernatural powers nor pursue supernatural powers. Because the four great elements are all empty, there are no supernatural powers to acquire.”

People who have a little background in Buddha-dharma and correct views would immediately know that such statements are from idiots within Buddhism who did not study the sutras deeply and are typical of slandering words against all Buddhas as well as holy ones currently in the world. Such speeches are made by demonic persons who openly distort Buddha-dharma, break away from the sutras and the practice of Buddhism, disrespect their masters and betray their lineages, and make deceptions to confuse and fool living beings.

1. Is the Concept of a Primordial Buddha Contrary to the Basic Doctrines of Buddhism?

It is known to all that the universe does not have a beginning time. It was boundless and everything was silent. There was no such thing as length of time or size of space. There was no shape and form, no interior and exterior, no birth and death. This is the dharmakaya (dharma body) Buddha, which is Adharma Buddha (Samantabhadra Tathagata). That is the absolute truth of the universe that is without coming or going, and that there are no Buddhas to become above Him and there are no living beings below Him to be saved.

The dharma-body state of Samantabhadra Tathagata is without signs or characteristics, without speech, and without form. As such, there is no subject or being who could expound the dharma. Without such a subject or being, the multitudinous living beings could not be saved.

Because of such karmic conditions, the formless dharmakaya Buddha perfectly generated with the supreme and correct enlightenment the first sambhogakaya Buddha with form in the universe, which is Dorje Chang Buddha. Dorje Chang Buddha is also called Buddha Vajradhara or Ruler of the Vajra Beings. This represents the birth of Buddhism and its supreme leader with form in the entire universe. Only after Buddhism had been born, Buddha-dharma began to spread and propagate.

Since then, Dorje Chang Buddha began transmitting dharma and saving living beings in the dharmadhatu. The teachings of Dorje Chang Buddha led to many disciples becoming Buddhas. The five most famous among such disciples are Aksobhya Buddha of the east, Ratnasambhava Buddha of the south, Amitabha Buddha of the west, Amoghasiddhi Buddha of the north, and Vairocana Buddha of the center (the Five Buddhas in the five directions). There are also many other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas among the original disciples of Dorje Chang Buddha. Dorje Chang Buddha was the one who initially propagated the Buddha-dharma in the dharmadhatu. Dorje Chang Buddha is the supreme leader of all of Buddhism in the dharmadhatu. That is the reason why many sects of Buddhism place Samantabhadra Tathagata or Dorje Chang Buddha at the first place as the founding Buddha in their lineage of Buddhism in the dharmadhatu.

Buddha Vajradhara or Dorje Chang Buddha is the primordial Buddha and the first ancient Buddha with form. This is the true essence of Buddhism that no descendants of Mara or any noise-making clown can possibly deny. Anyone who denies the “primordial Buddha” of Buddhism or makes the statements of “Only Sakyamuni Buddha is the primordial Buddha;” or “The concept of primordial Buddha is contrary to the basic doctrine of Buddhism;” is without an exception declaring his or her ignorance and shabby intelligence to people in the world.

First, if the “concept of primordial Buddha” is truly contrary to the basic doctrine of Buddhism, I would like to ask: what are Amitabha Buddha of the west and the other Buddhas of the Five Buddhas in the five directions, True Dharma Bright Tathagata, the Medicine Buddha, the one thousand Buddhas of the past Glorous Kalpa, the first three Buddhas of the current Wise Kalpa, as well as innumerably many other Buddhas? Could it be that all these Buddhas came from nowhere, had no masters, and came into being by breaking out of a stone? Could it possibly be that there was no Buddha-dharma  nor all these Buddhas before Sakyamuni’s time? Could it even be that Sakyamuni Buddha’s master Dipamkara Buddha as well as the countless other Buddhas were falsely made up by Sakyamuni Buddha to deceive living beings?

It is obvious that this kind of logic can never stand. That is to say, the countless Buddhas mentioned in the sutras truly exist in the universe and They all attained the defilement-free omni-wisdom and the supreme, non-differentiating, and perfect enlightenment of a Buddha. Since there are ancient Buddhas. There must also be the masters of these ancient Buddhas who had already been Buddhas before these ancient Buddhas attained Buddha-hood. For example, Dipamkara Buddha who was manifested by Dorje Chang Buddha was Sakyamuni Buddha’s master and Dipamkara Buddha forecasted Sakyamuni Buddha’s attaining Buddha-hood. Deducing in this direction, there must be a primordial Buddha. This is the basic common knowledge about the lineage of Buddhism within the dharmadhatu.

Next, if the “concept of primordial Buddha” is truly contrary to the basic doctrine of Buddhism, then Tibetan Buddhism would be a false Buddhism that is “contrary to the doctrine.”

This is because the Karma Kagyu Sect, the Gelug Sect, the Sakya Sect, and the Nyingma Sect of Tibetan Buddhism all have the “signs” of showing Dorje Chang Buddha as the primordial Buddha and the first ancient Buddha of form in their lineages. For example, in the lineage of the Supreme Mind Essence of Great Perfection, the first generation is the dharmakaya Buddha Adharma Buddha, this supreme Buddha perfectly created the second-generation who is sambhogakaya Buddha Dorje Chang Buddha, the third generation has the Five Buddhas in the five directions, the fourth generation is Vajrasattva, the fifth generation is Garab Dorje, the sixth generation is Manjushrimitra, the seventh generation is Sri Singha, Master Padmasambhava is the eighth generation, the ninth generation is Vairotsana, the tenth generation is Trisong Detsan, and so on. The lineage is clear and explicit. The same is true for Kagyu, Gelug, and Sakya. This fact should be common knowledge to people who have just a little knowledge about the lineage and history of Tibetan Buddhism. However, it is somewhat hard to understand that some so-called “great virtuous ones” not only are ignorant to this fact but also want to expose their ignorance to the great masses on their own initiative.

Furthermore, if the “concept of primordial Buddha” is truly contrary to the basic doctrine of Buddhism, then Dharma King Dodrupchen, Dharma King Achuk, Dharma King Penor, Dharma King Jigme Dorje, and other dharma kings of various sects of Buddhism who are reincarnated Bodhisattvas all must have committed the serious mistakes of “contradicting the basic doctrine.”

This is because it was these dharma kings, regent dharma kings, and rinpoches who greatly advocated the concept of “the primordial Buddha.” They even wrote documents to testify the karmic condition of the great event of the primordial Dorje Chang Buddha’s incarnation. Could it be that these dharma kings wrote their documents of recognition due to being muddled temporarily, being deceived, or being pressured? Or perhaps it was because they did not understand the sutras and spoke carelessly to support the concept of “the primordial Buddha”? Could it really be so?

If so, that would mean that these dharma kings, regent dharma kings, and rinpoches who are recognized by the public as reincarnated Buddhas and/or Bodhisattvas are definitely ordinary people, fake dharma kings and so on, and swindlers. This is because only ordinary people will become muddled temporarily, be deceived, or act according to the pressure applied. This is because only fake dharma kings and so on do not understand the sutras and will speak carelessly to support the concept of “the primordial Buddha.” This is because only swindlers will write baselessly for the purpose of snatching offerings and in total disregard of living beings’ life of acquiring wisdom.

However, there would be a huge problem to be dealt with seriously if these dharma kings of various sects of Buddhism who are recognized by the public as reincarnated Buddhas and/or Bodhisattvas were determined to be ordinary people, fake dharma kings and so on, and swindlers. That would indicate that there are no reincarnated Buddhas and/or Bodhisattvas anywhere in the world currently. Moreover, an even bigger question is: where did all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas with great loving compassion go?

During this dharma-ending era that we are currently in, living beings are being deceived by as many evil masters as sands in the Ganges River and are being deluded by false Buddha-dharma concealed under a wrap. Their dharma bodies and life of acquiring wisdom are being eroded by gangs after gangs of demonic persons wearing the covers of eminent monks and great virtuous ones. Living beings are struggling hard within the bitter ocean of samsara. They are calling the names of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for help hoarsely all the time. At this moment, could it be possible that greatly compassionate Buddhas and Bodhisattvas serving the mission of relieving hardship and suffering would be indifferent and would not make the vow of coming to this earthly world again? Could it be possible that, facing so many living beings who are suffering and in the midst of disasters, greatly compassionate Buddhas and Bodhisattvas serving the mission of relieving hardship and suffering would not apply true Buddha-dharma to lead them to exit from samsara? I would like to ask, are there Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who are so indifferent and lack compassion?

I believe that all Buddhist disciples who are truly cultivating will shout out spontaneously with the reply, “No, absolutely not! Boundlessly compassionate Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will definitely not abandon us. They surely will come to this world to rescue and save us.”

Yes, true Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will not abandon us. They are right among us in the human world. For instances,

  • Dharma King Dodrupchen, who is the sole holder of the Longchen Nying-thik, which is the highest Great Perfection Rainbow Body Dharma in all of Tibetan esoteric Buddhism, is the nirmanakaya of Guru Padmasambhava;
  • The supreme dharma king of the Nyingma sect Dharma King Penor is the nirmanakaya of Vajrapani Bodhisattva;
  • Dharma King Omniscience Lama Achuk Jamyang Lungdok Gyaltsen is a famous person of great holiness and virtue within exoteric and esoteric Buddhism. He is the incarnation of Venerable Longsal Nyingpo;
  • Dharma King Jigme Dorje, the supreme leader of the Jonang sect, who was already a great Bodhisattva when Sakyamuni Buddha lived in the world, has been recognized as the incarnation of Shambhala King Suchandra;
  • The Orange Jewel Crown Dharma King of the Karma Kagyu sect, Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche, is the incarnation of Great Bodhisattva Patriarch Gampopa.
  • Dharma King Xiazhu Qiuyang, the venerable leader of 100,000 dakinis, is the incarnation of Patriarch Naropa;
  • The king of great enlightenment Dorje Rinzen Rinpoche in the incarnation of Great Terton Unchanged Vajra Dede Linba who was the founder of the Mindrolling Sect;

The examples are too many to be mentioned all here.

It is extremely important to note that these nirmankayas of Buddhas and/or Bodhisattvas and incarnated ones who manifested holy realizations and whose statuses are unanimously recognized by all sects of Buddhism applied the merit and realization from their cultivation of an entire lifetime to jointly recognize or corroboratively recognize the “concept of primordial Buddha.” The conclusion is as hard and indestructible as a diamond. It is absolutely impossible for any true holy virtuous one to disregard living beings’ life of acquiring wisdom to take a stand casually on the karmic condition of the great event involving the “concept of primordial Buddha.” In today’s world, how many eminent monks and great virtuous ones are there whose realized virtue and states are superior to that of these dharma kings and rinpoches? If the “concept of primordial Buddha” that they unanimously advocate could be “contrary to the basic doctrine of Buddhism;” who else is worthy of being followed by living beings?

Comparing to these great cultivating holy ones, what are those “great virtuous ones of Buddhism” who can only speak hollow theories? They just resemble a locust in a rice field or an ant crawling at the foot of Mount Tai. The knowledge of Buddhism of this kind of person is like that of a toddler who only started kindergarten a few days ago. Any writing of Buddhism by such a person is certain to be full of statements that deviate from the Buddha’s teaching in the sutras and present a mess that is too ugly to look at.

Therefore, anyone who dares to negate the primordial Buddha of Buddhism, regardless of how high this person’s identity or status may be, can be determined conclusively as either a demonic person who committed the sin of disrespecting the masters and betraying their lineage by openly slandering Sakyamuni Buddha and all ancient virtuous ones, or a swindler who does not understand the sutras, or a descendent of  Mara. There is no overstatement in this conclusion. Though being so ignorant, these kinds of people are bold and reckless. Acting rampantly, they are like low-class rogues wandering on the street.

2. Would Talking about Supernatural Powers Lead One to Become a Devil? Does Practicing Supernatural Powers Belong to Cults?

The same so-called “great virtuous one” also spoke another round of demonic evil views by slandering the Buddha and damaging the Buddha-dharma as well as disrespecting the masters and betraying his lineage. He even said, “Living beings’ hope of attaining Buddha-hood is in Buddha-dharma, not in relying on supernatural powers. …… One should not and cannot uphold supernatural powers.” Separately, another demonic person said, “Whoever advocates supernatural powers belongs to a cult. The fundamental contents of Buddhism do not speak of supernatural powers nor pursue supernatural powers. Because the four great elements are all empty, there are no supernatural powers to acquire.”

It is known to the great masses that every sutra the Buddha expounded in the twelve categories of the Tripitaka mentioned the manifestations of supernatural powers. Some sutras even mentioned supernatural powers from the beginning. For example, it was announced at the start of Discourse 1 of the Dirgha Agama Sutra that “All virtuous bhikshus have mastered supernatural powers and are broadly powerful. ……” Also, in Chapter 1 of Book 1 of the Caryanidana Sutra, there is praise for the attendance by all Arhats, “They already followed earlier Buddhas to carry out pure cultivation. They fully possess the power of tritheism and are thoroughly proficient in the six types of supernatural powers. ……”

Furthermore, in Section 1 of Chapter 1 of the Maha-prajnaparamita-sutra, the Buddha said, “They were all Arhats …… having accomplished the four unimpeded understandings. They all possessed eloquence of speech and unlimited talent of debating and were freely entertaining themselves with the five types of supernatural powers. …… At that time, the World-Honored One …… manifested His supernatural powers. ……” Also, it was stated in the Buddha Speaks of the Universal Door Chapter Sutra that, “There were 800 bhikshus and 42,000 Bodhisattvas. All had mastered all kinds of dharanis and had attained supernatural powers. There was nothing that they did not broadly know. ……”

Furthermore, Book 1 of the Mahāvaipulya Sūtra of Buddha Adornment(the Avatamsaka-sutra, or the Hua-yen Sutra) stated, “By the Buddha’s supernatural powers, they (Bodhisattvas) manifest all kinds of transformation to carry out Buddhist work. ……” Also, Chapter 1 of the Sūtra of the Great Vows of Kitigarbha Bodhisattva praised Sakyamuni Buddha’s ability of manifesting great wisdom and supernatural powers during the time of the five turbidities.

Furthermore, many feats of supernatural powers were recorded in the Samyukta Agama Sutra. Examples can readily be found in Discourses No. 197, 408, 411, 412, 413, 414, 502, 503, 505, 506, 571, and so on. Also, the Buddha stated explicitly in Discourse No. 494, “Monks should know that meditative contemplation leads to inconceivable states of supernatural powers. Therefore, monks should diligently practice meditative contemplation and learn all kinds of supernatural powers.”

Furthermore, in the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Universal Gate Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, Sakyamuni Buddha informed the audience of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s various kinds of supernatural powers. Also, in the Maha-prajnaparamita-sutra, the Buddha gave this discourse to Shariputra, “When practicing the prajna paramita, Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas can produce the six types of supernatural powers from paramita. ……” The Buddha told us unambiguously that the six types of supernatural powers including clairvoyance (divine eye), clairaudience (divine ear), the ability to fly (traveling at a high speed), the ability to read the minds of others, the ability to perceive past and future lives (divination), and the extinction of all defilements (ending the cycle of birth and death) can be induced in the process of practicing Buddha-dharma and instructed us to” learn all kinds of supernatural powers.”

Unfortunately in today’s society, discussing supernatural powers has become a taboo for many people. To them, supernatural powers seem to belong to the practice of evil demons and heretics. This kind of logic is quite surprising. I would like to ask a few questions:

  • In the Sutra of a Hundred Actions (also called the Complete Hundred Deeds), the World-Honored One Sakyamuni Buddha expounded the past and future lives of living beings with the causality between past karmic conditions and events of many eons ago and the retributions occurring millions of eons after. If not by supernatural power, how could this be possible?
  • When Amitabha Buddha, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, and Great Strength Bodhisattva come to receive and lead you to the journey, do They come from the Buddha-land by walking on foot?
  • Buddhas and Bodhisattvas come by driving auspicious clouds and stepping on lotus flowers. If not supernatural power, what can this be?
  • Amitabha Buddha puts the living beings He receives and leads away into His brass bowl. If not supernatural power, what is this?

I can ask same question from many historical events and facts in the human world:

  • If not supernatural power, what can explain Master Bodhidharma’s crossing a wide river using a section of reed?
  • The sixth patriarch of the Zen Sect Master Hui-Neng used a piece of handkerchief to cover a big mountain. If not supernatural power, what is this?
  • Master Milarepa flew in the sky at night. If not supernatural power, what is this?
  • Manjushri Bodhisattva manifested as a beggar to accompany Elder Dharma Master Xu Yun on his journey of paying tribute to the Wutai Mountain and only revealed His original appearance after arriving at the mountain top. If not supernatural power, what is this?
  • After entering nirvana, Master Panchen’s remains not only do not spoil but also grows hair and finger nails. If not supernatural power, what is this?
  • A cultivator who has attained accomplishment from practicing the Dharma of Great Perfection can transform his or her body into a long ray of rainbow light to ascend to the Buddha-land. If not supernatural power, what is this?
  • Dharma Master Pu Qin subdued a red snake spirit and a blue snake spirit. If not supernatural power, what is this?
  • While still in childhood, the two fourth-generation Dodrupchen Rinpoches made knots with trees. If not supernatural power, what is this?
  • Dharma King Omniscience Lama Achuk was well-known for his ability of determining karmic conditions for deceased living beings. After entering nirvana, his body shrank to the length of an elbow. If not supernatural power, what are these?

We should know that the key purpose and precious contents of cultivating Buddhism are to end the cycle of birth and death or, in other words, to attain accomplishment and liberation. Moreover, the liberation that Buddha-dharma brings to living beings is very real. It is the true liberation of one’s body and mind in all aspects. Otherwise, why should we learn Buddha-dharma? What use would there be? However, to end the cycle of birth and death, one must first acquire the holy power that ordinary people do not have in the process of cultivating and practicing the dharma. This type of above-mundane power is called “supernatural powers.” True Buddha-dharma is never separated from supernatural powers. If not supernatural (or superlative or miraculous), the dharma cannot be utilized. Without the required power (proficiency), there will be no expected effect. Utilization and effect come from the power of cultivation. This is the process of transforming the true emptiness of dharma nature and such-ness into the utilization of wonderful existence. Then, worldly utilization and effects become the true existence. This is when the dharma achieved its intended effect. Therefore, in the process of Buddhist disciples cultivating toward accomplishment and liberation, supernatural powers are produced naturally and are a must-have. Otherwise, no effect of liberation can be achieved.

We should know that anyone who has not undergone the nurturing and transformation by holy states is an outsider to Buddhism. Or, it means that this person has not realized the true essence of the Buddha-dharma he learned, or that what he learned is false Buddha-dharma. And his understanding is just at the level of applying the worldly comprehension of an ordinary person to the knowledge of Buddhism! What is the state this does not have supernatural power? Let me answer with this quote,

“That would be the life with all types of daily routines human beings have. That is ordinary people’s normal state of seeing with the eyes, hearing with the ears, smelling with the nose, tasting with the tongue, and contacting with the body. That is the state we live through birth, aging, being sick, and death. Then, when we are groaning and stricken in the sickbed and when we are unable to breathe and the four great elements of the body are about to decompose, suppose a person comes and declares that he is able to lead us to liberation but has only theories to speak verbally. What use is there? Moreover, this person has exactly the same state of realization as we do and does not possess any supernatural power or ability that surpasses this realm of karmic retributions. How would he rescue us out of the cycle of birth and death? Can he do that by using his hands and feet that we all have? Think about what kind of extraordinary ability a savior must have! If we make an analogy of assuming the cycle of birth and death (samsara) as a big river, then a person who only knows the theory of Buddhism is like a statue of a Bodhisattva made of mud. Once in the midst of the river of samsara, he would not be able to take care of himself. How could it be possible for him to rescue and save other living beings who are sinking in the same river and guide them to liberation? Isn’t this question very easy to understand from reality?”

We should also know that, although all Buddhas in the ten directions do not advocate supernatural powers, it does not mean that there is no supernatural power to speak of in Buddhism or supernatural powers are something that cannot or should not be used. The real meaning is that supernatural powers belong to the wisdom of naturally or spontaneously arising states. Holy states of supernatural powers will definitely appear from practicing true Buddha-dharma. However, it is important to beware that one absolutely must not cling to supernatural powers at the stage of practicing meditation to realize the nature of emptiness and true such-ness. The Surangama Sutra also listed many states of supernatural powers and reminded cultivators regarding these states, “If interpreted as holiness, one will be deluded by various evils.” Here, the so-called “interpreted as holiness” means one regards these states as having attained holy realization and clings to such understanding of regarding oneself as having become a holy one. The real meaning of this reminder is to inform cultivators that, when various states of supernatural powers and illusions appear while in the midst of practicing meditation, one must not produce attachment to or greedy love toward these states, because, once being attached with greedy love to states of supernatural powers, evil demons will have the opportunities of misleading one away from the correct path.

Then, will talking about supernatural powers cause one to become a demon? Does practicing supernatural powers belong to cults? Absolutely not! The reason is simple. If the answers are yes, wouldn’t all sutras that always mention supernatural powers be evil books teaching living beings to become demons? Wouldn’t Buddhism be the biggest demonic faith and cult? Wouldn’t the supreme leader of Buddhism in this earthly world, Sakyamuni Buddha, who always manifested Buddha-dharma with supernatural powers and always talked about  supernatural powers be the biggest leader of demons and the head of a cult? And, wouldn’t all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas including Amitabha Buddha, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Great Strength Bodhisattva, and others, ancient virtuous ones who attained accomplishments during different periods in history including Patriarch Master Bodhidharma, the Sixth-Generation Patriarch of the Zen Sect, Patriarch Master Milarepa, and others, as well as holy virtuous ones of the current era such as the Tenth-Generation Master Panchen, Lama Achuk, Dharma King Dodrupchen, and others be members of cults, because they all possess inconceivable supernatural powers?

We can now see that actually those who oppose supernatural powers of Buddhism and spoke the evil views of “talking about supernatural powers will cause one to become a demon” and “practicing supernatural powers belong to cults” are truly one-hundred-percent demonic persons of cults as well as idiots who advocate Mara’s “theory of eliminating wonderful existence.” These people are devils and wandering swindlers who baselessly interpret the sutras’ meanings, pretend to know what they do not know, delude and confuse living beings, disrespect their masters and betray their lineages, defame the Buddha, and slander Buddhism. They lack the knowledge about the sutras and do not have true realization either. That is why they can only defame the Buddha and slander the sutras with the mentality of an inferior person. What is their purpose? They just want to use Buddhism to play their deceptions so they can make a living. Because they do not possess true Buddha-dharma and therefore do not have even a little bit power of cultivation from Buddha-dharma, they are very terrified when seeing holy ones who possess true Buddha-dharma. To protect their ugly evil nature, they can only slander the supernatural powers of Buddhism and negate the supernatural powers and realized capabilities arising from Buddha-dharma to mislead people to believe that having supernatural powers in Buddhism is a mistake, so as to support their wrongdoings of deceiving people in the world. However, their ugly evil appearance will eventually be seen by all. Moreover, it is extremely tragic that they have already boarded the high-speed bullet train traveling to the uninterrupted hell. Without knowing where they are headed, they are still blissfully enjoying superficial entertainment in the human world.

3. A Word of Caution with Good Intention

I would like to clearly tell such demonic persons and swindlers who wear the cover of “great virtuous ones of Buddhism” but openly negate “the Primordial Buddha of Buddhism” and oppose supernatural powers of Buddhism to slander the Buddha and damage Buddha-dharma. You have extremely wrong understanding of the sutras. Not only you have not read and understood Buddhist scriptures but also your views and cultivation have fallen into the wrong paths of extremely erroneous views. That is why you can only speak hollow theories but cannot realize true benefits and power of realization from Buddha-dharma. To tell the truth, you are only able to pose pretentiously to speak some obviously very faulty hollow theories that distort the essence of Buddhism and are full of evil views, but do not have true Buddha-dharma and do not have any true ability to benefit and help others. The only other abilities you have are taking some words and sentences out of context from the sutras to sedate the uninformed great masses, using rhetoric to scam people for money to make a living, and pulling out a banner of opposing the supernatural powers of Buddhism to completely cover up your ugly nature of fake holy ones. An extremely sinful fact is that your knowledge, views, and speech have already seriously slandered Sakyamuni Buddha, all ancient Buddhas, ancient virtuous ones, and holy virtuous ones currently present in the world. Don’t you want to repent immediately and correct your faults to start over again?

Now I would like to advise people in the world. Anyone who negates “the Primordial Buddha of Buddhism” and oppose supernatural powers of Buddhism is truly a demonic person or swindler engaging in the act of slandering the Buddha and damaging Buddha-dharma, no matter how prominent this person’s identity and status may be, regardless of how many disciples this person may have, and regardless of how magnificent and elegant this person’s temple may appear. Buddhist disciples must not have anything to do with such a person. Otherwise his sins and dark karmas are certain to pollute you seriously. The permeation of the sins and dark karmas will cause you bad luck physically, mentally, and financially and to descend to one of the three lower realms eventually. Such outcome is unalterable! Why would the consequence be so severe? Think for yourself: You are clearly aware of the ironclad evidences from the sutras but you insist on joining and mingling with demonic persons who even dared to slander Sakyamuni Buddha. Then, how can you have nothing to do with the sins of slandering the Buddha and denouncing the sutras? How can you not share the vicious retributions? That is why you must be highly alert and stay vigilant!