The Holy Vajrasana Temple and Retreat Center

11507 East Ashlan Avenue, Sanger, California  93657 :

Please print and return this form with deposit .


Name (include Pinyin, if Chinese):                                                                 Gender:




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Dharma Listening Center/Temple affiliation (if any):


Please attach photo of passport (if applicable):

Any food allergies or restrictions?        If so, please list:


Event XFVU Course Number* Dates Wish to attend, but will not stay at temple Room deposit or reserve fee required Deposit/fee included
Week 1 Seminar only I-003 August 1-7 $25
Week 2 Seminar only I-005 August 8-14 $25
Week 3 Seminar only I-006 August 15-21 $25
Week 4 Seminar only I-007 August 22-28 $25
Entire 30 days August 1-28/30* $100
Other Retreats/Seminars $25


I wish to reserve a copy of the Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation to study during August 1-28 and be able to enter the retreat during the hours it is available.

(We must know how many copies are needed as they must be borrowed from IBSA and returned after the retreat is over.)



per person attending

*Participants should plan on staying until August 31 as a trip to Pasadena to see H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is planned after the seminars are finished, if at all possible. You may want to stay longer in case the Buddha Master cannot not be available during the August 28-30 window. Please try to arrange your schedule to arrive at the temple to enable you to start the first seminar by 9:00 am August 1. Let us know if you need a room for July 31.


Cost Schedule:


Room and board at the temple has been on an ability to pay basis, using voluntary donations to cover the costs. We want to keep it that way. Suggested donations are $20-35 per night for lay persons and $10 for ordained monastics. Laypersons who can afford more are encouraged to do so to help support monastic students. Since we follow formal Oryoki for meals, only those who have registered for the program or made other arrangements can attend meals. Room deposits are applied to room donation.



* Go to for more information on these courses.