And who are the holy beings from whom we beseech blessings? Although Buddhist do not worship the various dieties, buddhas, bodhisattvas and the like, these beings from higher realms are honored and beseeched for blessings. Green Tara, shown here, is an ancient female Buddha who bestows blessings on those who follow her teachings.

How can you help develop the Holy Vajrasana Temple & Retreat Center and receive the blessings from this holy place? There are several methods including having your request placed on the “Walkway of Many Blessings” under the prayer wheels leading to the Vajra Poles or as an offering at the various ceremonies conducted in the temple. Or you can donate directly to the Xuanfa Institute.

Learn how you can make a donation to the temple


More Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Dharma Protectors

Find out more about other holy beings who can be beseeched for blessings.

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