Holy Vajrayana Temple featured in China and Fresno

A new disciple, Travis Holstrom, recently did the brief video shown here based on an interview he did while attending a retreat at the Holy Vajrayana Temple. It was for a journalism class he was taking at Fresno State. It is now on U-Tube.

We also just learned that our temple is listed on a tourism website in China as the 19th “Must See” place to visit in the U.S., ahead of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. We just had a group of students here today from Schezen and they confirmed the fact that we are a very popular site and that they had a photo of our temple in their temple….and we don’t even have the temple finished yet! I think this is largely due to the popularity of the video we filmed a few years ago about being recognized as the fourth vajra throne or “vajrasana” in the world today. There is a student in China who says she watches that video every day. The students were thrilled when the Vajra Poles responded to them and quivered as they often do (but not always). This group of students said they had chanted mantras while driving here from Los Angeles and again after they arrived.