Documentary made of the Recognition of the Site of the Fourth Vajra Throne in the World

A documentary film was released at the IBSA Conference held in Hong Kong that explains how a fourth vajra throne was recognized at the Xuanfa Institute near Sanger, California. The DVD also explains that Vajra Thrones, sometimes referred to as “Bodhimandas“, are either places where a great holy being became enlightened like Bodhgaya in India or a place empowered by a great holy being where people who practice there can also become enlightened like Kathok Monastery in Tibet. The DVD shows how the Holy Vajra Pill was activated or empowered to return to Sanger and the Vajra Poles shaking in anticipation of the Holy Vajra Pill’s return. The film starts with a group of weary pilgrims trekking through fields and snowy forest in search of the Truth that will relieve their suffering and finding it in the Buddha-dharma expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.


Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche and her attendants confront seekers of truth in Vajra Throne Video.


The Pilgrims found what they were looking for and retire to prepare a celebration. They know that a special place exists near Sanger, CA where they can always find the true Buddha-dharma.