Bullet Easily Removed from ThaiMan after Ingesting a Kazhuo Ande Pill

The second especially astonishing thing that happened at the seminar held in Hong Kong for Acaryas and Masters of Dharma-Listening Sessions was a miracle that happened as a result of ingesting a Kazhuo Ande pill. At the seminar, Shudan Zhuma Rinpoche from Thailand described to everyone the true story of a person by the name of Jack. Jack was injured by a bullet. Because that bullet was stuck amid some blood veins at the back of his kidney, he underwent two major surgeries at a hospital, both of which were unsuccessful in removing the bullet. After Shudan Zhuma Rinpoche learned of his situation, she gave a Kazhuo Ande pill to Jack. The Kazhuo Ande pill was made from the dharma practice of Mozhi Great Rinpoche, who is a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and who has a Middle Level of Holy Realization Certificate. One week after Jack ingested it, the bullet in his body miraculously moved to his chest area right under his skin. The doctor then used a small surgical knife to cut a small opening in Jack’s skin through which the bullet fell out. A video of Jack personally describing this experience of his was played at the seminar.

When explaining this type of miracle that results from ingesting a Kazhuo Ande pill, a representative of the International Buddhism Sangha Association quoted H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III: “Kazhuo Ande pills are not medicine and are not used to cure illnesses. They do not have their own independent medicinal properties. A person who ingests such a pill can experience beneficial effects only if that person is kindhearted and devout.”


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