Palden Lhamo or Panden Lhamo (“Glorious Goddess”, Tibetan: དཔལ་ལྡན་ལྷ་མོ།, Wylie: dpal ldan lha mo, Sanskrit: Śrīdēvī, Mongolian: Ukin Tengri) is the vajra or wrathful deity considered to be the principal protectress of Tibet. She is the only female among the traditional ‘Eight Guardians of the Law’ and is usually depicted as deep blue in color and with red hair to symbolize her wrathful nature, crossing a sea of blood riding side-saddle on a white mule. The mule has an eye on its left rump where her angry husband’s arrow hit it after she killed their son who was destined, and being raised to be the one to finally put an end to Buddhism. She used his skin as a saddle blanket. She has three eyes and is often shown drinking blood from a human skull.