The Holy Vajrasana Temple at Sanger, the original site of the Fourth Vajra Throne in the world today, is nearing completion of its remodeling and will hopefully be ready to be opened to the public soon. A second Holy Vajrasana Temple and another retreat center that will focus on providing facilities for people taking long-term retreats is in the planning stage. Both of these sites will be home to the Xuanfa Seminary, a residential program of the Xuanfa Five Vidyas University (XFVU). Click for a XFVU brochure in Chinese and English.

The following links will provide a better understanding of the plans underway to both open the Sanger Temple as a short-term retreat center and the second temple in southern California, with individual self-contained meditation “caves” erected for long-term retreats. The third link tells you how you can participate in these special projects to bring the holy dharma to America and participate in the dharma events at these two facilities.


Visit the Original Site of the Holy Vajrasana Temple and Holy Vajra Poles

Visit the Holy Vajrasana Temple at Sanger and see how we have converted an old farm house into a beautiful temple and pay your respect to the Holy Vajra Poles and receive their blessings.

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Long-Term Retreat Facility Planned for Site of Ancient Buddha Temple

See the plans for the Holy Vajrasana Temple and Long-Term Retreat Facility at the Site of the Ancient Buddha Temple.

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How Can You Help?

Check out how you can help develop both sites of the Holy Vajrasana Temple, make offerings to the Holy Vajra Poles, and participate in the dharma activities offered by the Holy Vajrasana Temples and retreat facilities.

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Learn more on how you can make offerings