What sort of meals are provided?

The concept is to keep the meals simple, nutritious, and unobtrusive to enable the retreatant to focus on his/her meditation practice and spend as little time as possible thinking about food. Cooking is not allowed in cabins, chalet, yurt, tent, or temple by those attending retreats. Storage containers are provided in units for non-perishable snacks and fruit. Care must be taken to not invite insects or critters into the retreats. Unwanted food can be returned to food storage box/cooler. A hot porridge or congee (brown rice, corn or grits, oats, quinoa, etc.); a protein source (hard-boiled egg, cheese, nuts, tofu); and a fruit or vegetable dish will be delivered between 7:00 and 7:30 every morning along with tea bags and coffee packets and hot water. Between 11:30 and noon 3-4 thermal containers of a grain, soup, & raw and cooked vegetable dishes along with fruit and a snack for the evening meal will be delivered with more hot water. A thermos of cold water may also be provided at the chalet and yurt. The food will be quietly put in a critter-proof box or cooler outside the cabin. The meals will be the same vegetarian fare as served in the temple on other retreats. Anyone having food allergies or special dietary requirements must discuss this with temple staff prior to arranging the retreat to see if their needs can be met. The food will not be highly spiced or seasoned.

Are discounts available for monastics?

Contact temple for rate and requirements.

What kind of electronics or appliances can I bring?

Phones, radios, TVs, and computers/tablets are not allowed, nor are hotpots, hair dryers, electric blankets.


Mailboxes will be installed at each individual unit for relaying requests and messages in writing. Staff cannot go on shopping trips for retreatants. Mail and/or electronic or phone messages will not normally be delivered during a retreat, although emergency calls and messages may be sent to the abbot at zhaxiz@gmail.com or at 626-375-6328. She will relay them at her discretion. It is important that retreatants not be disturbed.

Are visitors or pets allowed?


Can I share a unit with a friend or spouse?

No. Single occupancy only in tents, caves, yurt, and chalet. No exceptions. Dharma rule.

Special Events and Dharma Assemblies

Those on private retreats may NOT break their retreats to attend dharma assemblies or attend meetings with the Buddha Master unless attendance is requested by the Buddha Master.

What Dharma will I follow?

Disciple is expected to have at least one complete yidam practice. Disciple may request a special Retreat Dharma and certain other dharmas from the abbot, but that is not required.


A 30% deposit is required to reserve space as soon as we inform you your requested unit is available. Deposits are refundable, less $20 for administrative expenses, if cancellation is received at least two weeks prior to the arrival date.

Special Requirements to Take a Long-Term Retreat

Please attach a brief summary of your reasons for taking a long-term retreat and a letter of recommendation from your Vajra Master that indicates your readiness for such a retreat and includes his/her phone number and/or email.