The following collections of Buddhist parables are told as children’s stories. Buddhism has always been fond of parables and many of these were used by the Buddha himself who often taught in parables. These collections are taken from the Jataka Tales of the past lives of the Buddha and from other sources. Ancient kings, even as early as the time of the Buddha, appointed a Jataka bhanaka (storyteller) to his court. Ancient temples and monasteries had many artistic works from the Jataka Tales including the famous caves of India at Ajanta and Ellora; Angkor Wat in Cambodia; and the shrine rooms at Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. The ancient cities would be festooned with paintings and scenes from these popular stories.

Buddhist Literature Society, Inc.,  New Your Buddhist Vihara

“Once Upon a Time”

Jatak Katha (Jataka Tales)